Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tutorial on How to Patch PSP Games to Work on All CFW

1. First of all, you need to download ISO Tool 1.81 and extract it. download here
2. Copy the iso_tool directory to your ms0:/PSP/GAME/ directory.  You can either copy the files directly to your memory stick using a card reader, or put your PSP into USB mode and copy the files to the drive letter that appears.
3. The ISO Tool 1.51 should show up in your Games list in your Memory Stick.  Find ISO Tool 1.51 and run it (press X).

Selecting ISO Tool 1.51 from your game library
4. A simple text-based GUI appears, which is actually much easier to use than Eboot Exchange, in my opinion.  There are two sub-steps: First you must decrypt the Eboot and then patch it to the file.

Decryption submenus
5.Use the D-pad to select the game you want to decrypt and press X.
  1. A submenu comes up asking you if you want to make a backup, but select "no". 
  2. Another submenu comes up if you want to make a backup.  Select Yes. 
  3. Finally another submenu asks you if you want to start.  Select Yes.

Decrypting the Eboot before patching
6. Once the Eboot has been decrypted, you must now patch the ISO (Remember that CSOs won't work).
  1. Navigate to the ISO file that you just decrypted and press X. 
  2. On the submenu select "Patch"
  3. On the next submenu select "Prometheus method".

Patching the ISO with the decrypted Eboot
7. Your ISO file is then patched with the newly decrypted Eboot and is ready to run on M33 5.50 and Gen-Dx custom firmwares!

Successfully running a backup of Iron Man 2

(OPTIONAL) If you are running M33 5.0, then you really should upgrade to 5.5, but if you absolutely won't upgrade, then you have a few more steps before your ISO file will work...
8. Navigate to your ISO and press X.
  1. Choose PRX Import
  2. Pick libfont.prx
Now your game backup will work with M33 5.0.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tutorial on How to Burn Xbox360 Games

This tut will teach you how to properly burn ISO games of xbox360. This will make sure that you will not waste your money buying dvd's. A 100% working and XBL stealth game when you use this tut.

abgx360 - to patch and make sure that your game is stealth.
3rd to 6th wave video - put the video iso in StealthFiles folder in c:/programs/abgx360/
imgburn - to burn your iso game.
dvd +R dl - blank disc
dual layer compatible burner

1.) Install abgx360 and imgburn downloaded above.
2.) Run abgx360. Below is the proper settings:

Options: check the following
*check/create .dvd file
*check stealth
*verify if stealth passes
*use colors
*check for any dvd style game data corruption
*check for updates
*include csv
*check game partion crc when needed
*verbosity level: medium

AutoFix: check the following
*trust ss v2 angles
*fix c/r table if data is invalid
*adjust angles that deviate more than 3 degrees from their ccrt targets

3.) Input: select files and browse your iso of the game.
4.) Click on launch and wait till finish.
*Output should results to: Stealth check passed! and All CRC's match Verification successfull!
5.) Run Imgburn. Be sure to set the following: Tools/Settings/Write/
*select "user specified"
*on sectors in L0: input "1913760"
*write speed: 2.4x
6.) Browse and select .dvd file created after you run your iso in abgx360
7.) Burn your game
8.) When burning is finish run your burned game in abgx360 and the result should be the same as above.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuturial on How to Hack a PSP

This tut will provide a step by step on how to hack a PSP.

First determine if psp is hackable. Check here if your psp is hackable or not. Credit to zarz123 for his tut.

For Hackable PSP

Items needed:
1.) A hacked psp with TA-085v1 or below mobo (to create a pandora battery).
2.) Memory Stick.
3.) Pandora Installer download here
4.) Rain's Ultimate MMS Maker & 5.00 official firmware download here

1.) Create a Pandora Battery.
     *put Pandora Installer 3.xx in you memstick. Here's the folder should look like m0:/PSP/GAME/Pandora Installer 3.xx/Eboot.pbp
     *with the hacked psp run pandora installer 3.xx to create pandora battery.
     *to know if battery is pandorized, remove the battery and put it back, if psp won't boot and you have a green light congratz you successfully created a pandora battery.

2.) Create a Magic Memory Stick with Rain's Ultimate MMS Maker. Follow the instruction included in download above to create one (dont forget to inject IPL). You should have a TM folder in you memstick.

3.) Insert Magic Memory Stick in your PSP

4.) Insert the Pandora Battery while holding the L trigger. This boot the PSP to service mode.

5.) Select Flash Install CFW, wait untill installation is finished. Reboot PSP

6.) Congrats you now have a 5.00 m33-4 CFW

For Non-hackable PSP (PSP 3000)

Items needed:
1.) 5.03 official firmware
2.) Chickhen R2 both download here
3.) 5.03 Gen-A download here
4.) Modified Chickhen R2 download here

1.) Update your psp to 5.03 official firmware. Extract downloaded file, put update folder in your memstick. Folder should lool like this m0:/PSP/Game/UPDATE
2.) I recomment using the modified chickhen r2 it load 100% everytime. Extract dowloaded file, put files in your memstick. Folder should look like this m0:/Picture and m0:/PSP/Photo.
3.) In psp menu go to picture and select memstick, your psp will go green and reboot.
4.) Go to Settings>System Information, you should now have a chickhen firmware.
5.) Extract 5.03 gen-A installer in your PC and connect your PSP.
6.) In your PC run LunchMe.exe. Select your PSPversion, select Full, and put the drive letter your psp is connected. Click Ok once done.
7.) In your psp game menu run the installer and L or R trigger to install.
8.) After reboot you should have 5.03 gen-A firmware.

About PSP Hacking

Hacking a PlayStation Portable (PSP) will execute unsigned code. Owners of hacked PSP can play third party applications (Homebrews), customize themes, and the best of all play iso games from the memory stick. This has been an interesting game of cat and mouse between Sony and Hacking community.

Terms and Definitions:

PSP Firmware - The system software of playstation portable. This is basically the operating system of the psp consist of programs and data that runs the psp.

Official Firmware (OFW) is an updatable firmware release by Sony. Updates add new functionality as well as security patches to prevent homebrew applications being run on the system. Latest OFW is 6.30.

Custom Firmware (CFW) is also an updatable  firmware release by PSP hacking community. Updates add functionality of OFW as well as patches to by-pass the security implemented by Sony and allow homebrew applications. Latest CFW is 5.50 prometheus-2.

ChickHen Firmware is an exploit for PSP with version 3 mobo (PSP 3000) or unhackable PSP. This hack only works for PSP with OFW 5.03. It enables homebrew on unhackble PSP. Latest chickhen is OFW 5.03 athough Total_noob is now working on OFW 6.20 exploit.

PSP Homebrews refers to the process of using exploits and hacks to execute unsigned code on the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Pandora Battery is soft/hard modded battery to boot PSP in service mode (boot PSP firmware from magic memory stick). Use to hack PSP and install custom firmware.

Magic Memory Stick is used to boot PSP with Pandora Battery. A memory stick with PSP firmware installed.

Hellcat's Recovery 1.60 is used to recover semi-bricked PSP. It can be accessed through recovery menu, which is activated by holding R trigger while turning on. It can also be use to upgrade/downgrade PSP but only if PSP is already hacked. 

Prometheus Module is a patched on games that requires 6.30 official firmware to play.

List of custom firmware widely used;
5.00 m33-6 by Dark_Alex
5.03 gen-c by team Gen
5.03 prometheus-2 a modified 5.03 by Liquidzigong
5.50 gen-b2 by team Gen
5.50 gen-d3 by team Gen
5.50 prometheus-2 a modified 5.50 by Liquidzigong