Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to sign PSP games for 6.31/6.35/6.37 OFW

  1.  Download this archive
  2. Get the iso (if cso you must convert it back to iso) of the game U want to sign
    Note:It must be 728 Mb at most(if it is bigger than that you will have to rip it)
  3. Unrar the archive downloaded in some directory on your PC
  4. Put your iso in the same folder as fake_np.bat and rename the game to np.iso
  5. Use UMDGEN or winrar to extract all the files from PSP_GAME folder of the iso(just the files no need to extract the folders)
  6. Run the fake_np.bat - after it writes pause press any key to continue.You 'll find an EBOOT.PBP in the same folder as the iso file.
  7. Copy the EBOOT in a new folder in PSP/GAME folder in your Memory Stick(No matter the name of the game)
  8. Try running the game-if it runs normally you're good to go.If not continue reading.
  9. Use UMDGEN or Winrar to extract PSP_GAME/SYSDIR/EBOOT.BIN(if there is EBOOT.OLD extract it instead and rename it to EBOOT.BIN) from the iso to the folder containing seboot.bat
  10. Run the seboot.bat.It should write "Save Eboot.BIN...".Press any key to close the window.
  11. Use UMDGEN to add the new EBOOT.BIN to the iso and save it.Then with the new iso file follow the steps from 4 to 8.

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