Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to sign PSP homebrew and games for OFW using PSP

Download pscrypter v2.0 here and put pscrypter folder downloaded above in m0:/PSP/GAME/

For PSP ISO Games:
  1. your games/minis must be 700mb or below. games exceeding 700mb won't work.
  2. convert iso to eboot.pbp. download iso2eboot v2 here
  3.  after conversion connect psp to pc using usb and put the new eboot.pbp in m0:/PSP/GAME/pscrypter_v2.0_signed/sign folder.
  4. removed usb and run pscrypter from the psp and wait until finish.
  5. connect your psp to pc and create a new folder in m0:/PSP/GAME/ (name it with the game you signed or whatever name it doesn't matter.
  6. move the signed eboot.pbp to the new folder you created.
  7. play the game with OFW.
For Homebews:
  1. follow steps 3-7 from the tut above...

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