Wednesday, October 20, 2010

About PSP Hacking

Hacking a PlayStation Portable (PSP) will execute unsigned code. Owners of hacked PSP can play third party applications (Homebrews), customize themes, and the best of all play iso games from the memory stick. This has been an interesting game of cat and mouse between Sony and Hacking community.

Terms and Definitions:

PSP Firmware - The system software of playstation portable. This is basically the operating system of the psp consist of programs and data that runs the psp.

Official Firmware (OFW) is an updatable firmware release by Sony. Updates add new functionality as well as security patches to prevent homebrew applications being run on the system. Latest OFW is 6.30.

Custom Firmware (CFW) is also an updatable  firmware release by PSP hacking community. Updates add functionality of OFW as well as patches to by-pass the security implemented by Sony and allow homebrew applications. Latest CFW is 5.50 prometheus-2.

ChickHen Firmware is an exploit for PSP with version 3 mobo (PSP 3000) or unhackable PSP. This hack only works for PSP with OFW 5.03. It enables homebrew on unhackble PSP. Latest chickhen is OFW 5.03 athough Total_noob is now working on OFW 6.20 exploit.

PSP Homebrews refers to the process of using exploits and hacks to execute unsigned code on the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Pandora Battery is soft/hard modded battery to boot PSP in service mode (boot PSP firmware from magic memory stick). Use to hack PSP and install custom firmware.

Magic Memory Stick is used to boot PSP with Pandora Battery. A memory stick with PSP firmware installed.

Hellcat's Recovery 1.60 is used to recover semi-bricked PSP. It can be accessed through recovery menu, which is activated by holding R trigger while turning on. It can also be use to upgrade/downgrade PSP but only if PSP is already hacked. 

Prometheus Module is a patched on games that requires 6.30 official firmware to play.

List of custom firmware widely used;
5.00 m33-6 by Dark_Alex
5.03 gen-c by team Gen
5.03 prometheus-2 a modified 5.03 by Liquidzigong
5.50 gen-b2 by team Gen
5.50 gen-d3 by team Gen
5.50 prometheus-2 a modified 5.50 by Liquidzigong

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