Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tutorial on How to Burn Xbox360 Games

This tut will teach you how to properly burn ISO games of xbox360. This will make sure that you will not waste your money buying dvd's. A 100% working and XBL stealth game when you use this tut.

abgx360 - to patch and make sure that your game is stealth.
3rd to 6th wave video - put the video iso in StealthFiles folder in c:/programs/abgx360/
imgburn - to burn your iso game.
dvd +R dl - blank disc
dual layer compatible burner

1.) Install abgx360 and imgburn downloaded above.
2.) Run abgx360. Below is the proper settings:

Options: check the following
*check/create .dvd file
*check stealth
*verify if stealth passes
*use colors
*check for any dvd style game data corruption
*check for updates
*include csv
*check game partion crc when needed
*verbosity level: medium

AutoFix: check the following
*trust ss v2 angles
*fix c/r table if data is invalid
*adjust angles that deviate more than 3 degrees from their ccrt targets

3.) Input: select files and browse your iso of the game.
4.) Click on launch and wait till finish.
*Output should results to: Stealth check passed! and All CRC's match Verification successfull!
5.) Run Imgburn. Be sure to set the following: Tools/Settings/Write/
*select "user specified"
*on sectors in L0: input "1913760"
*write speed: 2.4x
6.) Browse and select .dvd file created after you run your iso in abgx360
7.) Burn your game
8.) When burning is finish run your burned game in abgx360 and the result should be the same as above.

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