Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuturial on How to Hack a PSP

This tut will provide a step by step on how to hack a PSP.

First determine if psp is hackable. Check here if your psp is hackable or not. Credit to zarz123 for his tut.

For Hackable PSP

Items needed:
1.) A hacked psp with TA-085v1 or below mobo (to create a pandora battery).
2.) Memory Stick.
3.) Pandora Installer download here
4.) Rain's Ultimate MMS Maker & 5.00 official firmware download here

1.) Create a Pandora Battery.
     *put Pandora Installer 3.xx in you memstick. Here's the folder should look like m0:/PSP/GAME/Pandora Installer 3.xx/Eboot.pbp
     *with the hacked psp run pandora installer 3.xx to create pandora battery.
     *to know if battery is pandorized, remove the battery and put it back, if psp won't boot and you have a green light congratz you successfully created a pandora battery.

2.) Create a Magic Memory Stick with Rain's Ultimate MMS Maker. Follow the instruction included in download above to create one (dont forget to inject IPL). You should have a TM folder in you memstick.

3.) Insert Magic Memory Stick in your PSP

4.) Insert the Pandora Battery while holding the L trigger. This boot the PSP to service mode.

5.) Select Flash Install CFW, wait untill installation is finished. Reboot PSP

6.) Congrats you now have a 5.00 m33-4 CFW

For Non-hackable PSP (PSP 3000)

Items needed:
1.) 5.03 official firmware
2.) Chickhen R2 both download here
3.) 5.03 Gen-A download here
4.) Modified Chickhen R2 download here

1.) Update your psp to 5.03 official firmware. Extract downloaded file, put update folder in your memstick. Folder should lool like this m0:/PSP/Game/UPDATE
2.) I recomment using the modified chickhen r2 it load 100% everytime. Extract dowloaded file, put files in your memstick. Folder should look like this m0:/Picture and m0:/PSP/Photo.
3.) In psp menu go to picture and select memstick, your psp will go green and reboot.
4.) Go to Settings>System Information, you should now have a chickhen firmware.
5.) Extract 5.03 gen-A installer in your PC and connect your PSP.
6.) In your PC run LunchMe.exe. Select your PSPversion, select Full, and put the drive letter your psp is connected. Click Ok once done.
7.) In your psp game menu run the installer and L or R trigger to install.
8.) After reboot you should have 5.03 gen-A firmware.

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